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The Dance of Decluttering

The Dance of Decluttering

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The Joy Of Decluttering: Key Points

The Joy Of Decluttering: Key Points

  • A decluttered home is not as satisfying for some as the process of decluttering, and the joy derived from purging stuff.
  • Clutter is an overabundance of possessions that collectively create chaotic and disorderly living spaces.
  • Being around messiness would lead people away from convention, in favor of new directions.


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The Urge to Purge

The Urge to Purge

According to experts like organizational behaviorist Tal Ben-Shahar, it’s the joy of decluttering more than the decluttered home that drives this process (hence the great decluttering Americans went through during the pandemic).

So enjoy the dance of decluttering your premises and throw away that shirt you never wore but keep on tucked in the closet!


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