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5 Easy Steps to Declutter Your Mind

5 Easy Steps to Declutter Your Mind



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A Cluttered Mind Can Mess Up Your Life

Our minds need decluttering too. Whenever we are occupied by things that are not helpful, we are burying the good things underneath. Leave the things that don’t bring us joy, don’t let them steal our peace.

Like the physical decluttering, you need to do it often. Ever...

Make a list. Are there any important things that you’ve wanted to do but never started? How important are they? What is making you delay them?

Understand whether and how these things are important. Then decide how to tackle the challenges preventing you from starting them. When ev...

Daily practice of mindfulness will help you detach from your emotions and watch them from above. Many times we are worrying without recognizing it.

Worrying is the biggest unhelpful thing that can occupy our minds. It takes up so much space that we can’t enjoy the...

When you ignore or delay something that you promised to do, it still stays on top of your mind. Whenever you do something else, your brain will remind you that you should have been doing that other thing instead.

This is not helpful. Declutter the negative emotions for you...

We can’t focus on ourselves when our brain is occupied with emotions related to someone else, or anger and hate of the world. We need inner peace before we can focus on the present. Let go of those emotions that you bear inside.

Your emotions will only affect you, not anyo...

You don’t need a journal to know that someone or something is toxic to you.

You need to say NO to anything that takes you down from your current state.

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