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Managing Worry and Anxiety

Managing Worry and Anxiety


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Managing Worry and Anxiety

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1. Increase Your Tolerance For Uncertainty

Research shows that most people who worry too much have difficulty tolerating uncertainty.Whenever they are not 100% sure about Something, even a small question like whether there will be enough parking space at the doctor's office, they tend to worry.But almost everything in life is uncertain because no one can predict the future. If alot of your worries are caused by insecurity,the best way to deal with it is to be more comfortable and sometimes not know it.


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2. Use Relaxation Techniques:

You can use deep breathing exercises to control your worry and anxiety.Deep breathing is very effective in managing short-term anxiety. If you feel anxious, try taking 10 or 20 slow, deep breaths to calm yourself down.Inhale as deeply as possible, holding the air in your lungs for a few seconds and exhaling slowly. Other effective relaxation techniques include centring, meditation, and mindfulness.


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3. Write a Warning Script For Concerns About aHypothetical Sit

Contrary to current problem solving,concerns about hypothetical situations can not always be addressed by immediate action.For example, taking action today cannot eliminate the worry that your baby will be sick later.Some things are out of your control. The best way to deal with your fear is to write an anxiety script for a hypothetical problem.


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Anxiety can spiral out of control when you can't let go of a problem too big or too complicated to solve.Instead, try to focus on the things you can Control. Stick to a routine and maintain your regular maintenance network as much as possible. And strive to do things that have a positive impact and have an endpoint.For example, instead of constantly worrying about your neighbors, check-in, do something practical to help, and then stop worrying for a while.


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5. Have a Good Time

Laughter is a great way to increase good feelings and relieve tension.The problem for anxious clients is that they take life so seriously that they stop having fun in their life and stop experiencing life's funny moments.Everything becomes a potential problem, not a way of finding joy or pleasure.


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