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How To Think Critically Like Steve Jobs

How To Think Critically Like Steve Jobs


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How To Think Critically Like Steve Jobs

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You draw conclusions about the world using critical thinking. They're also everything you need for a human brain, so it's good you have them. Critical thinking can rust if it's not used. If that happens, you risk bad ideas and poor decisions, which nobody wants. Here are three simple habits to improve your critical thinking like Steve Jobs did while creating Apple.


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First, define your question and assumptions clearly. This commonsense approach has two benefits. First, it clarifies which relevant assumptions can be tested or confirmed. Second, it identifies assumptions that aren't needed to answer the question. You may make unexpected discoveries.


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Details can obscure the whole. Different perspectives help solve problems. Ask for input and consider different angles. Before deciding, weigh pros and cons. Consider the long-term effects of your choices (like an upcoming presentation). Consider whether there are better alternatives than what you or others have proposed (and if so, which should be used). Consider how each solution addresses this and future situations (and whether any additional training for those situations would be helpful).


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Your thinking rests on assumptions. They're the fundamental beliefs you hold about a situation, person, or idea. Assumptions can be dangerous because we don't question them; we just believe them.

You may think this is fine because it helps us form quick opinions and judgments, but false assumptions can lead to bad decisions — and even wrong ones.


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Critical thinking helps you understand the world. Many people lack these communication and problem-solving skills. They may rely on instinct or experience without questioning their thinking.

A person with critical thinking skills will carefully consider their assumptions and beliefs before acting on them. They'll also consider several possible solutions before choosing one and evaluating it based on evidence, not emotions. Critical thinkers can make better decisions, from buying a car to choosing a career path for long-term happiness.


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There are no shortcuts to improving critical thinking. Thinking critically takes time, effort, and a commitment to intellectual growth. Using precise language when asking questions, stepping back to see the big picture, and challenging assumptions will help you become a better critical thinker.


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