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How to Think Like a Genius

How to Think Like a Genius


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How to Think Like a Genius

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Let your mind wander without judging your ideas.

Take some time every day to let your mind run free. Brainstorm, daydream, or contemplate life. Don’t assess or evaluate your thoughts, even if they seem silly - let your imagination run wild.


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Think critically and question conventional wisdom

Great ideas sometimes fly in the face of conventional wisdom, so think outside of the box and open doors others ignore. Instead of blindly accepting something as true, ask questions and approach information critically


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Use diagrams and images to visualize problems

Albert Einstein famously used images and visual thought experiments to solve problems.[5] When you’re confronted with an abstract problem or feel like your thoughts are jumbled, use visual aids to help see the bigger picture


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Aim for creative knowledge instead of simple memorization

The psychologist Benjamin Bloom developed a framework called Bloom's Taxonomy, which breaks down the six levels of thinking. The updated version scales learning categories from remembering information to creating something new. The point is that you shouldn’t settle for simply recalling facts, but aim to use information to produce original work


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Let your subconscious do the work during downtime

Spend a half hour or so zoning out to give your conscious mind a rest. Play solitaire, meditate, or do some other activity that doesn’t require hard thinking


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Be productive

Nothing worthwhile is achieved by passive consumption. Do something productive related to the type of genius you want to cultivate every day


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Write down your ideas

Do your best to write down a journal entry every day. Keep a small pad and pen handy so you can note random ideas that you might want to explore further


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Make connections with a broad range of people

The idea that a genius is a solitary, isolated figure is a myth. Inspiration and innovation don’t happen in a vacuum. Having frequent conversations with friends, family, colleagues, and mentors will expose you to a range of perspectives and give you more grist for your mill


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Go for walks regularly

Walking isn’t just a form of physical exercise. Whether outside or on a treadmill, walking boosts creative thinking. Further, creative juices keep flowing even after you’ve finished your walk


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