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Delicious future foods

Delicious future foods

What foods we will enjoy in the future depends on who 'we' are.

  • The 'future delicious' call to mind readymade solutions that eliminate the need for cooks and meals.
  • This includes Soylent, the synthesised baby formula-like smoothies, or the food substitutes slugged by software engineers coding at their desks. It includes power bars and Red Bulls to provide energy and sustenance without the fuss of a dinner table.
  • Meal kits allow buyers to mix a few things that arrive pre-packaged, sorted and portioned and Impossible Burgers, a product that mimics the experience of eating red meat.


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The Oreo is a fantastic case study in future deliciousness

The Oreo is a fantastic case study in future deliciousness

The future delicious tends to value the technological component of its manufacture over the actual food substrate.

For example, Oreos is one of the most man-made foods in existence. It is factory-produced from highly processed, shelf-stabilised flour, stripped of its nutrients, then re-enriched by others, enhanced by genetically modified soy lecithin, and fortified with sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. Oreos have also been found to contain trace amounts of glyphosate, a weedkiller.

How we decide if this cookie is delicious is mostly based on nostalgia.


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Future-delicious foods evoke certain feelings

We understand which foods are delicious based on the marketplace, and specifically advertising.

  • The taste of Oreo is based on a sense of being cared for and belonging. In the case of Oreo’s latest advertising campaign, a short film titled The Note features a young man in the process of coming out as gay to his family – with Oreo cookies there as support.
  • Another strategy for this particular futuristic food is the appeal to the past. The number one response for why Oreo is delicious is that it is ‘home’, followed by 'school'.


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