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Building a community is vital for the success of a web3 project

Building a community is vital for the success of a web3 project

Decentralization, innovation, and web3 development are only possible through a united group. Building a community earns more authority, but it comes with its own set of challenges.

Creating, managing, and growing a community is time-consuming and requires effort, but considering some pointers may help guide a web3 community from the ground up.


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KYC - Know your cummunity

Knowing your community means searching for the right community in the right places.

Seek developers if you want their expertise. If your project is economic in nature, look for investors, holders, and crypto enthusiasts. If you want to focus on content creators, ensure they are expressive in your community.


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The best social media and communication channels for web3 communities

The best social media and communication channels for web3 communities

The three most popular social networks among web3 communities are Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. Others that could be overlooked are Reddit, YouTube and Instagram. Instead of being present in all of them simultaneously, focus on the ones where your target audience is, then expand from there.

Discord and Telegram are valuable tools to engage and manage your community. Twitter is useful for finding a diverse group of people interested in becoming a part of your community.


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Web3 Community Goals

Collaborating may help clarify the business's most pressing needs that the community can assist with. For example, if you are building a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), it is important to bring people closer. Some may turn into brand advocates, in addition to investing in your DAO.

  • One way to do this is by calling out your team on opening topics related to your goals. Expanding on issues raised by others is also good.
  • Creating surveys can help to engage and orient the web3community debate.


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How to measure the "health" and growth of a community

It's preferable to have a smaller web3 community with a high level of engagement than a larger community with low engagement.

  • To measure your web3 community, ensure your KPIs (key performance indicators) are aligned with your goals.
  • When you're just starting, every new member joining your server or channel will feel like a victory. Understand where the members came from, why they are joining, and measure their impact on the project.
  • Track the number of posts and engagements, including comments, reactions, and determining whether or not a topic has evolved into a productive debate.


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Observing the maturity

Observing the maturity

Tangible objectives will help you to know if you've met your primary goals. When your web3 community is becoming mature, after solid growth, you should be prepared for a drop in numbers.

  • Mature communities reward brand advocates. Find those who would help you as a community manager by rewarding them with exclusive content or starting a brand ambassador program.
  • Ensure the rules of your web3 community are clear while maintaining a positive and light atmosphere. Moderation ensures debate flows while remaining relevant.


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Web3 Community Policy

Draft a web3 community policy that includes the following provisions:

  • Make it clear who you are and why you are promoting the community.
  • Focus themes that people can explore to avoid distortions.
  • Create policies that prohibit discrimination and promote diversity in expression.
  • Moderators may not favour one group or an individual over another.
  • Set language policies.
  • Indicate whether or not some posts that violate community guidelines will be deleted.
  • If someone violates the community rules, clarify what kind of sanctions will be imposed.


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Managing the community

Managing the community

  • To start, focus on one or two channels such as Discord and Telegram, before expanding your community to other platforms.
  • Ensure everyone is introduced with a few words of welcome.
  • A good moderator is patient and understanding. Avoid judgment while consistently providing feedback to users, encouraging positive interactions, and removing any inappropriate comments.


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Primary concerns to be aware of

Primary concerns to be aware of

  • Spam/fake-news
  • Strong language
  • Unrelated topics
  • Foreign languages
  • Self-promotion
  • Demand for updates
  • Personal disrespect
  • Information leaks


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Start and respond to conversations

  • Ensure as many team members as possible embrace your web3 community and join it.
  • Bring your team to the debate to facilitate, mediate, and keep the community-focused.
  • Let your team initiate new discussions by asking good questions that make people think and engage in debate.
  • Keep an eye out for what people are asking. Respond to and comment on genuine topics, even if they appear silly.
  • Communities need reassurance, so give them regular status updates.


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Mod admission

Community managers as usually long-term supporters and are available for significant periods. They have particular skills or insights, are light-tempered, used to react quickly, are fluent in day-to-day English, have good soft skills and have a sense of accountability.

  • The best candidates for a new moderator role respond proactively to conversations and help other members.
  • They are leaders
  • Courteous to other members
  • Possessing exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
  • Willing to work on a part-time basis
  • Able to deal with community situations


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Leading duties of community moderators

Leading duties of community moderators

  • General coordination of a community management team, accounting for their needs, schedules, and reports
  • Regular attention to an open teamwork environment
  • Cross-platform moderation
  • Reviewing content based on the community standards, and general good conduct on the web
  • Overall understanding of the product/project
  • Daily maintenance (chat groups, channels, or bots)
  • Updating the management team on sound standards and best practices
  • Focus on technical assistance and user experience
  • Case-by-case troubleshooting of user issues
  • Responding to potential misdemeanours/violations


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Managing side communities

Managing side communities

As the community grows, smaller organizations focused on specific aspects of the project will emerge. It's critical to manage and monitor these communities.

  • Most token-specific communities wish to discuss and speculate on price action.
  • Media. Many web3 members are eager to produce content and media to share with other community members.
  • General. Any big enough online community comes to life independently if members find an open place for free interaction. An off-topic chatroom for general conversation is great for increasing member interaction.


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Main do's and don't's


  • Ensure the online community is awar of all the official community outlets.
  • Have clear general rules and a single narrative for public information
  • Be friendly.
  • Be available to ensure each online moderator's needs are met.
  • Be verbal, not responsive. Even experienced members deserve elaborate answers.
  • Be personal, keep a clean chatroom, and always ask members to send you a private message in order to elaborate more directly


  • Do not treat different members unevenly
  • Do not overreact
  • Do not over-interact
  • Be aware of new members


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Invest in a brand ambassador program

Invest in a brand ambassador program

Once your web3 project is established, and your community is growing steadily, consider creating an ambassador program.

A brand ambassador is deeply invested in your project and will promote and advocate for your brand. In turn, you should reward them for their efforts and dedication.

A simple structure:

  • Community members apply to your program. There are pre-established roles for members to choose from, such as content creators and translators.
  • You assign tasks to ambassadors and reward them upon completion.


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Web3 community management best practices

  • Learn about your community and develop personas that you want to target.
  • Specify the level of participation you anticipate from your community (KPIs).
  • Segment active topics.
  • Manage the community properly with sufficient moderators.
  • Establish a community policy.
  • Promote topics based on focus themes.
  • Determine which members are the most active and consider appointing them as community managers.
  • Consider developing an ambassador program.


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