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Maximize Your Learning Time with These Seven Habits - Scott H Young

Maximize Your Learning Time with These Seven Habits - Scott H Young


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Maximize Your Learning Time with These Seven Habits - Scott H Young

Make the most out of your limited time to learn new things

Time for learning can feel like a luxury. It may feel like there isn't energy or time for anything else. Yet our peak experiences come when we expand our thinking. Without leaning, life becomes flat.

When you learn new things in your limited time, you'll substantially increase the amount of new and exciting stuff you can do.


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A major barrier to reading more books into having interesting reading material available.

A simple strategy is to have three books with you.

  • An audiobook is great for commuting, exercising or waiting in line.
  • A digital book can ensure you have something to read at all times.
  • A hardcover book gives you the joy of paper at your fingertips when you get a moment to sit down.

If reading feels unpleasant, you're possibly reading the wrong books.


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Keep a course open on your browser tab

Find courses that interest you on YouTube and watch them during your computer breaks.

Start with more entertaining courses and switch to headier stuff once you've built the habit.


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Make your projects ready to start

Hobbies and skills require hands-on experience, yet, it is often the most difficult to fit into a busy life.

One way to maximize your time is to ensure all your projects are ready to start. Create a dedicated workspace, so you only have to sit down and get to work.

Get the project past the "blank canvas" stage. A painting or woodworking project is easier once the groundwork has been laid.


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Finding a stretch o free time is hard. All you might have are fragments of time throughout your day.

One strategy to increase learning is to regularly pursue at least one task or project that is speculative. It should be something outside of the range of your current abilities in an area you find interesting. It could be a new technical skill, leadership role, or exploring a different type of client or industry.


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 If you care about learning, build it into your social circle.

Discussion groups can come in many forms. For example, you can organize a group among friends interested in a topic or join pre-existing groups on services like Meetup to discuss topics of interest.


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Fill time fragments with flashcards

Many skills have a forbidding eputation. We want to learn a programming language but writing coe is a grind.

A method known as pretraining can break down the difficulty of these pursuits.

  1. Master the basics so that applying the new skill becomes much smoother.
  2. Flashcards can help to memorize syntax and commands to make your next project easier.


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Reading before you sleep is a great way to expand your learning time.

Books that require mental effort will also more quickly put you to sleep. Pick a book you've always wanted to read and keep it at your bedside, such as a classic work of fiction or a challenging nonfiction book.


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