How to Put Life on Easy Mode - zen habits - Deepstash
How to Put Life on Easy Mode - zen habits

How to Put Life on Easy Mode - zen habits


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How to Put Life on Easy Mode - zen habits

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One thing at a time:

One thing at a time: When you walk, just walk, and appreciate each step. When you do something online, do one thing at a time, as fully as you can. This is such a simple approach but we forget it so often.


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Put space between things

In between meetings and tasks, take a breath. Let yourself have some space, some downtime. Even if it’s just a few minutes, savor this delicious space.


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Clean as you go:

Clean as you go: Put away your clothes when you take them off. Wash your dishes after you eat or cook. Wipe the counter. Tidy up after yourself. This can apply to everything — reply to that email, clean up your downloads folder, don’t have a million tabs open all the time. Simple thing, but really underappreciated by most people. Not letting things pile up is such a wonderful way to live life on easy mode.


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Do less:

Do less: You don’t need to do less in order to live life on easy mode. But it can be really nice! Reduce how much you’re trying to get done during the day. This can take some time to transition towards, including renegotiating commitments with people or training people to do things for themselves..


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Move often:

I don’t mean all the time. But every 30-45 minutes, get up and move. Stretch, do a few yoga poses, walk outside for a few minutes, do some bodyweight exercises. Once a day, do more than that: go for a longer walk, go on a bike ride, do a workout, play a sport, do a yoga routine or bodyweight exercises. Rest some days if you’re sore or tired, of course. This kind of movement throughout the day makes your body feel vibrantly healthy and at ease in the long run.


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When you’re overwhelmed, take small steps:

A lot of time, we can get stopped by overwhelm. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when we’re face with a lot of tasks/decisions. Life on easy mode means just picking one thing off the pile and focusing on that. Then the next thing off the pile. Take a breath, and focus on one thing.


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Do things as simply as possible:

We overcomplicate things. What’s the simplest way you can approach the things you have in front of you? How can you make decisions with ease, instead of overthinking it? Be straightforward in your communication — say what you want. Don’t add extra meaning to things, extra layers of suffering. Live simply in every interaction and task.


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