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How Patreon is rewriting the equation between creators and their fans

How Patreon is rewriting the equation between creators and their fans

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Creative People: Your Time Has Come

Creative People: Your Time Has Come

Patreon, a platform where fans pay creators via monthly membership, has grown exponentially since its inception in 2013. That trend of creators getting autonomy and control and leverage of their businesses, of their media, of their ownership, their payments methods, of everything, that trend is now coming at the world a thousand miles an hour and nothing can change it.

What is happening right now is a sea change in favour of creative people. The world is about to look very, very different for creators in 10 years. 


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The Creator Economy

The Creator Economy

The creator economy isn’t new, but a fresh iteration of a much older phenomenon, as well as the beauty of Web3 as it applies to ownership. By focusing on “love” as opposed to “likes,” Patreon has helped change the way art is brought back autonomy to artists and creators around the world, enabling them to receive fair pay—as opposed to fractions of cents—for their creative output.


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The Web3 Economics Of Patreon

The Web3 Economics Of Patreon

Patreon rewrites the equation and ultimately rights the relationship between creators and their fans. Since its inception in 2013, Patreon has paid out 250,000+ creators over $3.5 billion. 

But helping artists and creators get paid for their work is only the tip of the iceberg. Much of Patreon’s efforts are also directed toward helping them build deeper connections with their fans.

The creators of the app are breaking you out where you have access to your audience and you can focus on the aspects of creativity and community building that those folks fundamentally want.


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