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How to improve your focus level in the digital disarray era?

How to improve your focus level in the digital disarray era?


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How to improve your focus level in the digital disarray era?

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The Digital Disarray Era

In the current digital age, we are exposed to a tons of information and frequently puzzled by different means of distraction all along the day.

We feel that our working time is constantly shattered into thousands shards of digital distractions. Pulling us from being in a deep thinking mind state, and never allowing us to settle, reflect and reach a deeper meaning in our life.

Our productivity and achievement levels have been remarkably degraded.

So what is Distraction? How we can overcome it and improve our focus ability?


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What is Distraction?

Distractions can give us a sort of short pleasure but makes us feel sad in the long run.

Two type of Distractions:

  • External (Conversations, noises, Mobile, TV ..)
  • Internal (Thoughts, hesitation, anxiety, procrastination..)


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What You Need?

  • Focus must be cultivated, and learned.
  • Focus requires daily practices and discipline.


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Eliminating The External Distraction (Daily practice)

  • Make a list of distraction sources that are pulling your attention (self questioning)
  • Remove source of distractions Or Remove yourself from it
  • Watch Focus progress within 15min intervals.
  • In case of failure to focus ⇒ Stop doing, start reflecting on why you can’t Focus.


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Eliminating The Internal Distraction

Internal hesitation basically happens when prioritizing things over others without considering own life values and goals. (E.g. going for a birthday’s party instead of preparing tomorrow’s job interview, torn between friendships and career).

  • Reflect on your life values and prioritizing them correctly, this acts as a compass guiding you through life and giving meaning in all your actions.
  • The more our values and priorities are in the perfect order this would lead to the most meaningful life we could live.


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“When two values are in conflict inside of us, we need to place our values in their correct order to eliminate this internal distraction”


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