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How to Smash the Interview Process & Get Hired

How to Smash the Interview Process & Get Hired


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How to Smash the Interview Process & Get Hired

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Mental Strategy On Job Interview

One interview stands in the way of you and your dream job.

Account @ChrisYansley1, an ex-student who interviewed at multiple law firms, shared that this is a familiar feeling.

Here's a some stuffs from him on how to smash the interview process and get hired:


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Firstly, this stuffs does not guarantee interview success.

BUT, one mental strategy that really helped me was taking 100% responsibility for the result of my application.

By doing this, you can liberate yourself from the belief that you're not in control.


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Do Your Research

Once you've gotten to this point, it's time to prepare.

First, research, research, research. Do everything in your powers to know the most you can about the business.

This way, you'll never run out of things to say in the interview.


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If you're at the interview stage, we can assume you have already done this.

However, you can never do "enough" research.

Ensure that you are well versed on the company's locations, culture and values, long term objectives and recent news.


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As research is a never-ending process, nothing comes "after" it.

However, after thinking about research, it's time think about the interview itself - who is interviewing you?

This is critical, as you can tailor your responses to the people asking you questions.


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LinkedIn Research

If you know your interviewers, look them up on social media.

Open LinkedIn and see what they've been liking/commenting on recently. Gain an insight into what they like and what inspires them.

This way, you can gain a better understanding into their personality.


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Three Things To Remember

With research and interviewer prep complete, it's time to mentally prepare.

My best interviews were the ones where I did these three things:

1. Treated the interviewers as my friends.

2. Carefully listened to every single word they said.

3. Was brutally honest.


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Be Friendly

Treating the interviewers as your friends is crucial.

It mitigates the affects of imposter syndrome, relaxes your nerves and allows you to show off your personality.

Treating your interviewers as enemies will do the opposite.


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Listening is an underrated superpower.

If you can be a good listener, it will show that you care. Listen carefully to the questions and the body language which accompanies them.

This will give you the best insight as to how to answer them.


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And finally, honesty is the best policy.

In the interviews which I tried to be somebody I'm not, I was unsuccessful. I noticed this quickly.

If you stick to answers which are boring and pre-rehearsed, the interviewers will switch off.

Don't be afraid of your personality.


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