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How To Become a Better Decision-Maker

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How To Become a Better Decision-Maker

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The most common type of journal papers

  1. Research Paper
  2. Method paper
  3. Review Paper
  4. The Short Communication
  5. The Discussion Paper
  6. Data Paper
  7. Theory Paper
  8. The Case Study
  9. Education Paper
  10. The Book Review


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Research Paper

It is a report of original research findings on a well-defined research question.

The research is usually analytical and builds on a hypothesis using an experimental approach, which can differ between disciplines of natural, medical, social sciences, or humanities.

Alternative names: original paper, original article, article, standard paper


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Method Paper

This paper is dedicated to presenting a new experimental method, test, or procedure.

They address the questions such as "How to do this...", and "How to improve this.."

Alternative names: Experimental paper


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Review paper

This paper provides a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art research conducted in a specific field.

It summarizes and indicates research gaps and possible directions for future research.

Three types of review papers - literature review, systematic review, meta-analysis


48 reads

Short communication

This paper is suitable for time-sensitive research subjects and disciplines. 

Alternative names: letters, rapid communication, brief communication, short reports, brief reports, micro article, research note


44 reads

Discussion paper

This paper allows discussion of a relevant topic from the perspective of the author. It presents the author's viewpoint on the interpretation, analysis, or method used in a published study.

Alternative names: Perspective paper, hypothesis paper, opinion paper, commentary


43 reads

Data Paper

This paper describes data sets and observations that support innovative research and theoretical developments.

Alternative names: A resource paper


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Book review

This paper provides a critical and unbiased evaluation of a book that is of interest to the journal's audience.

The review provides a summary of the book's content, and an assessment of its originality and value by a scholar who is an expert in the field of study.


33 reads

Educational paper

This paper is different from the method paper as it provides very concrete instruction for the reader's guidance of the acquired knowledge.

Usually includes instruction on how to do something rather than how a method was done.

Alternative names: Tutorial paper, How-to paper


23 reads

Case Study

This paper is usually used in clinical areas. This paper is based on an observational study and reports unaltered conditions. It is a descriptive paper. 

Two types of case study papers are clinical case studies and clinical trials.


23 reads

Theory paper

This paper introduces and discusses ideas and principles, either new or established, that are related to a specific field of study or body of knowledge.

It is more common to have theory papers in the fields of philosophy, literature studies, anthropology, humanities, and social science. However, it is less common in medical, natural, and engineering sciences.


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As much I hoard information, I am looking forward to processing the information to express my ideas.


Are you overwhelmed by different types of research papers? Here is a short guide on the different types of research papers out there.

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