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1. The Truth Of Dukkha (Suffering)

1. The Truth Of Dukkha (Suffering)

  • All life involves inevitable, unavoidable suffering.
  • Life is the mixture of happiness and pain.
  • The Buddha wants as to acknowledge this fact(👆) so when we do experience suffering, we don’t take it so shockingly or personally.
  • When we acknowledge suffering, we are at peace during times of difficulty because with time this suffering will turn into happiness again.


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What is the noble truth of suffering?

"Birth is suffering,

Aging is suffering,

Sickness is suffering,

Dissociation from the loved is suffering,

Not to get what one wants is suffering."



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2. The Truth Of Samudaya( Origin Of Suffering )

2. The Truth Of Samudaya( Origin Of Suffering )

  • We suffer not because of things that are happening to us but because of our mental state.
  • Negative Qualities of the mind that cause most of our problems.

Three Main reasons for suffering:(The Three Poisons)

  1. Cravings: Desire, greed / wanting.( Rooster)
  2. Aversion: Our hatred towards things against us/our beliefs.( Snake )
  3. Ignorance: One always chooses to ignore the truth behind life.( Pig )

Rooster —> Snake —> Pig —> Rooster ( They feed off one another - Vicious cycle of three poisons)

Antidote: Generosity, Loving-Kindness and Wisdom.


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Three Types Of Cravings

Three Types Of Cravings

  1. Craving of pleasing the senses: Sensory pleasures ( ex: tasty food, melodious music etc..)
  2. Craving to be something you are not: Desire to be different to who we are ( influencer, celebrity etc..)
  3. Craving of not-to-be: Stop something from happening / get rid of something ( ex: to not experience pain after a fall.)


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“The search for divinity lies not in worldly things but in the mind”



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3. The Truth Of Nirodha ( Cessation Of Craving )

3. The Truth Of Nirodha ( Cessation Of Craving )

  • The end of suffering comes with an end to craving when one realizes that what one is craving is not true reality but merely a fantasy that imitates and exaggerates reality.
  • Build an attitude of calmness and peacefulness, no matter the consequences. By achieving such insight, one can eventually let go of cravings and desires.
  • When we learn to use our body, speech and mind (Three Doors) carefully, it would lead to happiness as it helps us to refrain from harmful actions, thus remove unnecessary suffering.


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4. The Truth Of Manga ( The Middle Path )

4. The Truth Of Manga ( The Middle Path )

  • The Middle path is the line between luxury and extreme poverty, a balance between overindulging and depriving ourselves of the things we desire.
  • To practice middle way, one must free oneself of one’s desire.
  • Buddha never said not to have goals, not to want something. He tells us not to get attached to these desires and to celebrate the idea of “Just Enough” and embrace a more balanced, sustainable lifestyle.


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Three Marks Of Existence

Three Marks Of Existence

  1. Annica: Life is in a constant flux.
  2. Dukkha: Life is painful and causes suffering.
  3. Anatta: Self is always changing.


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Buddha’s Eight Fold Path

Buddha’s Eight Fold Path

  1. Right View: Understanding and gaining insights into the true reality.
  2. Right Intention: Thoughts that are selfless and generous.
  3. Right Speech: Communication that promote harmony and is free of malice.
  4. Right Action: Taking righteous actions and not causing others harm.
  5. Right Livelihood: Living through actions and work which doesn’t harm others.
  6. Right Effort: Practicing and cultivating Generosity, Loving-Kindness and Wisdom.
  7. Right Mindfulness: A mental state where one is mindful and aware of their body, actions and thoughts.
  8. Right Concentration: Indulging in meditative practices.


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“I am just a child who has never grown up. I still keep asking these 'HOW' and 'WHY' questions. Occasionally, I find an answer.” — Stephen Hawking


5 Powerful Books On Zen Buddhism to Gain a New Perspective on Life

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What is Zen Buddhism?

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What is Zen Buddhism?


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