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Brain & Awareness

Brain & Awareness

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Brain & Awareness

Brain & Awareness

Many of them believe that the brain is the cause of consciousness, so when the brain dies, consciousness disappears, is that true or what ❓

We will see axiomatically (absolute truth).


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Brain as The Cause of Consciousness

The first step is to make sure that:

📌 Changes in the brain are the cause for changes in consciousness as the effect of the cause (brain)

  • 👉 This asserts: changes in the brain lead to changes in consciousness


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Causality In Both Direction

The question is whether changes in consciousness can change the state in the brain ❓

  • Assumed, consciousness does not allow changes in the brain

In simple terms, can "the brain as the cause of the effect (namely consciousness)", change its position to "consciousness as a cause for changes in conditions in the brain" ❓

  • 👉 This does not mean that it violates logic, but rather it reveals an unknown viewpoint of axiomatic reasoning


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Interchangeable Causality

📍In fact, meditation can reduce the structure of the amygdala in the brain

📍Involvement of consciousness in daily activities, through conscious control, is able to change the structure of neurons in the brain

Here it asserts that consciousness is capable of directly (meditation) and indirectly (through activity), having a position as a determining point (cause) for changes in the structure of the brain.


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The status eventually needs to be updated that turns out to be:

📍The brain is the cause for the alteration of consciousness as a result

  • 👉 The brain is the cause of altered states of consciousness

📍Awareness can also act as a cause for changes in brain state as the effect

  • 👉 Consciousness is the cause of the changing inside the brain


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🧩  If the two things, one to another, are alternately cause and effect on each other, then both are the effect of another other than the two things themselves.


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IN GOD WE TRUST I am free not because i have choices, but i am free because i rely on God with quality assured


True relation in between brain & consciousness

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