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Cornell Method of Note-Taking

The Cornell note-taking is a technique that helps to organize notes in a way that makes it easy to review and retain information. It involves splitting a paper into three sections: one for main ideas, one for taking notes, and one for summarizing and reviewing what was learned. This technique is a great way to improve your memory and comprehension of a material.


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How to Take Cornell Notes?

  1. Divide a sheet of paper into three sections: a large note-taking section on the right-hand side, a smaller cue column on the left-hand side and a summary section at the bottom of the page.
  2. As you listen to material, identify the main ideas and write them in the cue column.
  3. In the note-taking section, write detailed the main ideas.
  4. After the lecture or reading, review your notes and summarize the main ideas in the summary section at the bottom of the page.
  5. Review and practice active recall of the notes regularly to improve retention and comprehension of the material.


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Why Cornell notes are effective

  • Improved organization and structure.
  • Enhanced retention and comprehension.
  • Better focus during lectures or readings.
  • Greater flexibility.
  • Encourages critical thinking.


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Cornell Notes Template

The use of a clear and organized format provided by the Cornell template, coupled with the act of summarizing and reviewing information as notes are taken, can lead to better focus and concentration during lectures or readings.


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The Cornell method encourages active engagement and critical thinking, helping to solidify understanding and retention of the material, and fostering the development of valuable critical thinking skills.


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There are dozens of ways to take notes, but they all seemingly end up with the same outcome. The Cornell note-taking system is an effective method for organizing and summarizing information during lectures or readings, leading to improved retention and comprehension of the material.

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