8 Harsh Truths You Need To Accept To Live A Happy Life - Deepstash
8 Harsh Truths You Need To Accept To Live A Happy Life

8 Harsh Truths You Need To Accept To Live A Happy Life

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Freedom is not free

Freedom is not free

Freedom comes at the cost of personal responsibility. Without personal responsibility, you won't have freedom.


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You always have a choice.

You don't always get to choose what happens to you or around you. But you always get to choose your position or attitude related to what's happened to you.


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Your feelings are caused by your thoughts...

Not by your circumstances.

Circumstances are neutral. However, we can decide what meaning to give to our circumstances. And that will determine how we feel.

Whatever we think creates our feelings. Our feelings determine how we show up. How we show up creates our results, which becomes our new circumstances. 


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There is no perfect time to do anything

The things that provide upgrades or improvements to our lives are new to us.

This means we haven't experienced it yet, so we will be uncomfortable with it.


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Fear will keep you from living

Fear will keep you from living

It's usually fear that keeps you from doing things that you want to do. It's not that you can't to the thing. It's that you won't.

Our brains prevent us from doing things. This is because our brains have two basic jobs: to keep us safe and to prove us right.

If it finds anything that it perceives as a threat, such as something we're not used to, our brains will try to protect us from that.

So, fear will keep us from success and happiness.


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