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3 Career Lessons from a Mosquito

3 Career Lessons from a Mosquito


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Giving Effective Feedback

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Giving Effective Feedback

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😈 Be Shameless

When you swat a mosquito away, does it give up or come back to bite you?

Mosquitoes don't know shame. They aren't fazed by failure, which allows them to experience multiple successes (bites) after a setback.


  • You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
  • Apply to that role you were rejected from last year—with a better strategy and profile.
  • Pursue different curiosities and endeavors until one sticks.


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🗺️ Be Strategic

In a room full of people, mosquitoes choose and optimize their targets.

They might bite everyone at first, but eventually settle on one person—usually the most inactive person in the room with the best blood.

That person leaves with 5 - 10 bites while their peers in the same room leave with less than two bites each.


  • There are many opportunities, and there’s no harm in trying all of them.
  • Once you know “what’s out there”, double down on those one or two opportunities that will reap the most reward for the least effort


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💨 Be Speedy

Singapore's mosquitoes are too quick to kill—they fly, bite, and move on quickly.

Meanwhile, India's mosquitoes are huge—some of them are almost 1cm long.

Perhaps because of their weight, they also fly much slower, making themselves easy targets for human hands.


  • For higher chances of success, take immediate action.
  • If you face setbacks, regroup quickly and continue to take action.


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Mosquitoes are insanely successful at what they do—they're even considered a disease vector! This is a breakdown of the main contributors to their success.

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