Getting Hired During The Pandemic

The recruitment process hasn’t changed much during the ongoing pandemic, apart from Zoom interviews, and the virtual onboarding.

Job seekers do not have much to tweak in their interview style, and the only thing that has to be upgraded is their mindset.


3 lessons I learned from making a big career change during the pandemic

We have to let go of the mindset of 'nobody is hiring now.'

Though we see in the news and on LinkedIn that companies are experiencing layoffs, and there are widespread hiring freezes and shutdowns, many sectors are showing remarkable growth. Digital education, Publishing, IT and Medical sectors are a few examples.


We have to get out of the cocoon of a normal, expected job profile.

There are new opportunities emerging due to the pandemic, at the unlikeliest of places. One may be the right fit for a new kind of industry with a new kind of role.


Zoom interviews and virtual meetings are not ideal and do feel awkward when compared to normal, face-to-face interactions, but the basics like developing relationships, listening well, maintaining eye contact and slowing down when speaking are still as rock-solid as before.


Apart from employees, even the organizations are being forced to rethink and update their own mindset according to the new reality of the world.

With the offices and factories working on less than optimal levels, and people being unable to commute, there is no reason for employers to pressure new joiners to relocate or to report to duty in person.


Working remotely, once a privilege of the few, is now a reality for most white-collar workers.

It has also led to recruiting a more diverse set of candidates, as being ‘local’ or having a short commute to the office is no longer an important criterion.


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