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How to Manage a Hybrid Team

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How to balance flexibility and structure in a hybrid team environment

Understanding the challenges of managing a hybrid team

How to maintain team cohesion

How to Manage a Hybrid Team

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🗺️ Begin your journey with a map

A map has:

  • a starting point (where you are now)
  • an end point (where you want to be)
  • At least one immediate action to kickstart your journey
  • At least one checkpoint (intermediary goals/milestones)

The map analogy frames your endeavors as a journey, with multiple possible paths to your desired outcome.

This helps you focus on clarifying what your next two steps are, instead of worrying about the outcome you want to achieve.


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😵‍💫 Expect (a lot of) resistance

How did you feel when you first started learning something?

When I started learning to code, I was interested, but also incredibly frustrated at the errors that would pop up because of my inexperience.

However, pushing through those bugs and learning from my mistakes also taught me the most—more than any tutorial video.

Resistance is normal. If there’s no resistance, there’s no growth.


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📈 Compound with Consistency

When you’re consistent, you get used to it.

When you get used to it, you feel less resistance.

When you feel less resistance, it becomes more enjoyable.

When it becomes more enjoyable, you'd start to do more and make more progress.


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🧘‍♂️ Practice Patience

Don't dig up and kill the seedling you've planted just to see if its roots are growing.

Put in the work. Evaluate regularly to see if you're nearing your checkpoints. But don't doubt yourself and your ability to grow.

Results don't show up overnight.


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Get going, then get good

There's no better time than now to get started on your zero-to-noob journey.

If not now, then when?


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