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What Makes People Successful?

What Makes People Successful?

Curated from: Ali Abdaal

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Life Is Fundementally Unfair

When you think of people who are successful you may think they got there through hard work and consistency but you need to realize that Luck, privilege, and circumstances plays a role in success as well

Sucess = Fair play + Unfair advantage


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Find Out What Your Unfair Advantage Is

M = Money can put you ahead of others

I = Intellegence and Insights

L = Location and Luck: Be in the right place at the right time

E = Education and Expertise: Where you went to school and what skills you have Knowledge Netwoek and Singnaling

S = Status, are you popular or not, also gain some confidence and self esteem


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Reality Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset

You need to understand that your abilities can grow through hard work. but you also need to be realistic, there are other factors that are in effect that you need to be aware, you will never be as successful as some people and you need to be ok with that.


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Very informative video on the key things that make People successful. Follow me for more content!

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