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How to get started with difficult tasks

How to get started with difficult tasks


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How to get started with difficult tasks

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Most problems can be solved with simple solutions

Normally, things aren't as complicated as we want to make them out to be. Most problems have simple solutions. What adds complexity is the way we put into action these solutions.

To build wealth for instance, you must spend less than you earn. This is the fundamental rule of personal finance,


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The optimization trap is the belief that a few small adjustments have more impact than they actually do. Optimizing little things is usually a way for people to feel like they're doing something meaningful when they're actually avoiding big, scary moves that could truly make a difference.

Allowing perceived complexity to keep you from doing what you have to do is a variation of the optimization trap.


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We overcomplicate things at the start because we're scared to make big changes.

We're very complacent and comfortable with our lives at the moment, so instead of doing things that will have a big impact, we spend our time on details that don't matter.


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Instead of obsessing about finding the perfect way to start something, leave perfection aside and start anywhere.

When starting a long journey, a perfect first step isn't critical. If you stumble at the start of a marathon, it makes no difference. All that matters is that you've begun running.


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