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Five Elements of Self-Confidence

Five Elements of Self-Confidence

  • Self-Belief - Having faith in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals will help you stop giving your power away through self-doubt.
  • Courage - A belief in your ability to navigate challenges and trust in your capacity to overcome adversity will increase your motivation to take action.
  • Optimism - When you believe in your ability to achieve your desired outcomes, your confidence grows.
  • Integrity - A sense of wholeness comes from overcoming internal contradictions.  When you experience internal integration, no parts of you will sabotage your success.
  • Determination - Work towards your goals.


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write a powerful new life narrative

write a powerful new life narrative

Think of your identity as a story you keep telling yourself about who you are. This story connects to your beliefs, mindset, thoughts and feelings. To create a new identity, you’ll need to tell yourself a new story so many times that you build a confirmation bias affirming this new story. As you accept the new story, your everyday actions will begin to align with the new narrative. Start telling yourself a new, more desirable story about yourself, and placing your belief in this new narrative.


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Deepen your self-awareness

Deepen your self-awareness

  • Meditate for self-confidence – Dedicate a space in your home to meditation.
  • Embody your new identity – Commit to everyday embodiment practices that remind you to shift into your new, aspirational identity.
  • Redefine reality through imagination – Harness the power of your imagination to create a felt sense of your new identity
  • Shift negative self-talk – Identify and question negative thoughts and limiting beliefs,
  • Release the old – Use the ROAR method to overcome the triggered states associated with your old identity


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Express your inner transformation in your outer life by taking aligned actions

Express your inner transformation in your outer life by taking aligned actions

Embrace the final pillar 0f Wise Confidence – action – by aligning the inner, transformative work you’ve done with the outer expression of your new self. Pay attention to your posture, appearance and body language, using the mind-body connection to your benefit


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Self-Confidence with Three Keys

Self-Confidence with Three Keys

  • Patience – You won't always see instant results from your efforts, and that's okay because you're committing to a process of long-term change and growth.
  • Perseverance – When you develop perseverance, you can overcome adversity and moments of self-doubt. You'll have a growth mindset and a belief that you can reach your desired transformation.
  • Determination – By fully committing to your vision and purpose, living in alignment with your new self-confident self, and showing up as your desired self each day, you'll become the person you wish to be.


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  1. Strengthen the five elements of self-confidence and start betting on yourself
  2. Identify what's blocking you from developing an empowering self-concept.
  3. Take ownership of your strengths and weaknesses from a place of self-love.
  4. To write a powerful new life narrative, move from self-discovery to self-design.
  5. Release your old self and courageously venture into the unknown.
  6. Deepen your self-awareness and learn to shift negative thought patterns.
  7. Express your inner transformation in your outer life by taking aligned actions.
  8. Unlock self-confidence with three keys: patience, perseverance, and determination.


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Developing Confidence Takes Time

Developing Confidence Takes Time

True confidence takes time to develop. Learn why designing your ideal life is a vital part of building authentic self-confidence, and how to navigate the existential uncertainty that comes with this transformative journey.


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If self-doubt plagues you, you’re not alone. Few people possess genuine self-confidence – but it’s a quality you can learn to build for yourself. Meditation teacher Giovanni Dienstmann offers a clear, practical framework for confidence-building that you can incorporate into your daily life. If you’re looking for an overnight quick fix, this isn’t the framework for you

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