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You should avoid pictures that do not:

  • help make your article more informative or interesting
  • draw attention to the most important parts
  • help your reader find information

It is better to omit this picture than add it to your text.


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What to Do with Illustrations

What to Do with Illustrations

How Good Authors Use Illustrations

  • Demonstrate the object. This could be goods or screenshots for digital services. Sometimes you could use 3D renders (especially in the real estate market).
  • Add an example. It helps to understand theory or show mistakes.
  • Explain some ideas. These could be graphics, schemes, or even comics. You could add arrows, emojis, or other navigational items.
  • Visualize the Data. Show numbers in paintings or diagrams.
  • Analogies. Use smth simple to help your reader understand difficult themes.
  • Emotions. It can help elicit laughter or wonder, but should be related to the text.


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Managing Attention with Pictures

Managing Attention with Pictures

People don't read every article; they usually scan the text searching for the best parts. Pictures can help them start reading. You should pay attention to both the placement of pictures and their captions.

Sometimes, illustrations are included in the text to emphasize or highlight important information.


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Where to Take an Illustration

Where to Take an Illustration

  • Draw it. Sometimes you don't need a photo and could use simple drawings: schemes, graphics. You could use Figma, Canva or services like
  • Make a photo or video, make a screencast or screenshot.
  • Download from a photostock. The most popular is Shutterstock, but there are some free options like Unsplash, Pixabay, and others. Just remember that some photos can't be used for commercial purposes.
  • Ask the client. Sometimes they have their own photos or they can help you find the right ones in their archives.
  • Order from real illustrators or artists.
  • To find the source and make a deal.


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