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Not thinking changed my life forever

Not thinking changed my life forever

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Thoughts VS Thinking

Thoughts VS Thinking

Thoughts occur to us randomly. Thinking is what we intend to do. It is not something that naturally occurs to us.

Thoughts are inspiration.

Thinking is desperation

Great ideas come in the state of Non-Thinking. Thoughts come directly from our subconscious mind and it’s the combination of the gut feeling and desire.

We always think about things out of desperation. We try to rationalize some decision, not because we want to do it, but because we are being forced by some external force to do it.


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How to stop thinking

How to stop thinking

Thinking is the root cause of all suffering.

Feed yourself this sentence everyday. Before sleeping, after waking up, before and after stepping into the bathroom, wherever you possibly can.

Realize that most of the stuff is not in your control. If you can’t control it, then you shouldn’t think about it.


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Trust the Gut

Trust the Gut

Most people do what society tells them to do. Do what you love the most, whether it be writing, teaching, starting a YouTube channel, becoming a historian regardless of how much it pays or how much respect it brings you.

Money and fame is not in your hands. Allah has already written the money and fame you are going to receive, so why not do something you love.

Your gut tells the truth. The Gut Feeling is just a thought from your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a very complex machine.

A thought from the subconscious mind is a sign from the Universe, The God.


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But if I don’t think, how will I do anything?

But if I don’t think, how will I do anything?

Who said you have to figure out how to do certain things?

You just need to know what you want, but not the how.

You don’t have to solve the problem. The God Almighty has already given you a tool to solve complex problems; The Subconscious Mind.

Henry Ford had very little formal education, but he had a strong intuition that he could revolutionize transportation by making automobiles affordable for the average American. His trusted on his intuition and everything followed.


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You have no control

You have no control

The outcome is completely out of your control. What is in your control is the effort that you put into the work.

By repeating to yourself that your goal is important, your subconscious mind starts sending signals to your conscious mind, prompting you to improve your efforts.

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Writer | Content Creator | Physics Lover | Programmer | Muslim


If you are like me, you constantly think about things. Our brain forces us to think, because it is necessary for survival. But what we don’t realize is that, this thinking is destroying us. Let me explain.

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