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Why Do Some People Suffer More Than Others?

Why Do Some People Suffer More Than Others?

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Why couldn’t everyone carry positive karma? Why couldn’t everyone have the same software?

If you pause and examine you’ll see that the primary cause of human suffering is not physical handicap or poverty. This cause of human suffering is oneself.


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PAIN: It’s body’s way of alerting you that something is wrong physically and action must be taken. It is useful. It is valuable wake up call.

SUFFERING: It is psychological and produced by you. You don’t have a choice about being in pain, but you do have a choice about suffering.


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Your karma is not in what is happening to you; your karma is in the way you respond to what is happening to you.



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Generally, the word karma is used in a rudimentary way to suggest that you did something bad and so bad things will happen to you. This is a very limited and simplistic way of looking at life. Karma has nothing to do with moralistic categories of good and bad; it is related only to cause and effect.

Ignorance is also a karma. An action is karma, inaction is also karma!


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It is important for people to feel that if their poverty is of their making, they can also turn it around. Karma means that you can change your destiny, not simply be ruled by it. But at the same time there is something wonderful about this ability to create joy in all kinds of circumstances. These people mat be poor, but they are not suffering.

Suffering and misery are always by choice.


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The karmic substance within you may happen to contain all the necessary ingredients to create suffering. Perhaps you planted all these ingredients unconsciously in your past.

So what can you do about this today?

The next morning you get up, you still have the choice nor to manufacture suffering for yourself. Yes, the ingredients of misery are present. They are waiting, perhaps even tempting you. But they cannot become suffering by themselves.


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The source of your misery is not your past actions. It is how you’re processing the imprint of the past NOW.



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