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How to become a beast

How to become a beast

  • Fix your schedule an sleep at 9.00 pm to be awake at 4.00 am.
  • Quit your excuses and work out for 30 minutes daily.
  • Include fresh fruits in your daily diet to optimize your health.
  • Prioritize a cold shower in a day with no excuses. I promise your self discipline will be boosted.
  • Listen more than you talk and be teachable.
  • Learn to say "NO" unapologetically and get busy minding your own business.
  • Make an attempt and read 50+ pages to sharpen your mind.
  • Learn a new skill every 3 months and spend another 90 days developing it.


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  • Set on a monitoring walk after having 2 glasses of water immediately after sleep.
  • Sleep a quarter of your day to reset your focus and boost your mood
  • Meditation creates a space between feeling an impulse and acting on it.
  • Please no one else, do something for yourself for 6 months.
  • Go for 1,000 hours without watching news or talking politics and use the time to rest.
  • Make more money, and invest wisely to buy yourself anything without looking at the price.
  • Prioritize 4 hours of deep work a day over 8+ hours of business and make time to improve yourself.
  • Make time for your close friends and family.


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Renaissance learner, interested in subjects like psychology, arts & design, productivity, creativity, health, fitness, finances and meditation.


On your journey of self-improvement, take these small habits and attitude adjustments into consideration.

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