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7 Tips to Become a Marketing Pro: Brand Personality Still Wins

7 Tips to Become a Marketing Pro: Brand Personality Still Wins

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Brand personality sells

Brand personality sells

Products, like people, have personalities. For example, Patagonia is outdoors, adventurous, and environmentally conscious. When you think of this brand, you think about the mountains and a thirst for adventure, not so much about jackets or ski pants.

If you want your brand to sell, it needs a personality. Personality can be shaped by advertisements, social media presence and pricing to reach your target audience.


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Engage your followers

Know your audience inside and out. Know which social media platforms they frequent and maintain a presence on those sites. Create content your audience wants to see.

  • Engage your audience. Start conversations, hold contests, and ask for input and feedback.
  • Remember to test everything. Something minor like the copy on your ad or website can influence customers to visit your site or buy your product. Therefore, ensure it is optimised for the most efficient message. 


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Take charge of content

Producing content is a form of advertising.

Get creative with your content. Curate photos that represent your brand's personality on Instagram. Create videos and post them on Facebook.

You should have fun with your content. You most likely started your business because it interests you. Allow that enthusiasm to catch on.


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Practice what your brand preaches

By practising what your brand preaches, you show that you really believe in its message. This helps establish trust and brand loyalty.


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Unhappy customers are a learning opportunity

Social media allows brands to engage with their audience and listen to their feedback. 

Unhappy customers are a great source of learning. Personal communication can turn a poor customer experience into a positive experience. Look through reviews and address every complaint personally. 


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Keep a regular schedule

Brands that post once a day or multiple times a week have a better audience engagement than those that do not post regularly. 

Ensure to produce content regularly and post it to different social media sites. You can do this manually or use one of the many tools for scheduling posts.


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Get creative

Don't stay with the conventional social media sites or to what everyone else is doing.

Try out new ideas. Shake up the content of your blog or create a Snapchat account. Measure the impact to see what works best.


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