How to get over the desire for sweets and sugar - Deepstash
How to get over the desire for sweets and sugar

How to get over the desire for sweets and sugar

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Who Should Consider To Refuse Sugar

Who Should Consider To Refuse Sugar

  • Insulin resistance, diabetes
  • Skin disorders
  • Reproductive diseases
  • Swelling
  • Overweight
  • Overfeeding
  • Cancer


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Definitely Refuse Regardless Of Your State

Definitely Refuse Regardless Of Your State

1. Refined sugar (juices, sweetened water and yogurt, chocolate, ketchup, mayonnaise, sweets)

2. Sugar before sleep. Refuse helps to sleep better

3. Surplus. The highest border is 20-25 g per day.

4. On empty stomach. It's better to start with complex carbs.


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How To Refuse P.

How To Refuse P.

1. Good start of the day

Make a warm-up, get a contrast shower and a full breakfast. You need to get enough proteing and complex carbs.

2. Check your digestive system

Some people just need to refuse trash food, some need a treatment and consulting with a doctor.

3. Don't have snacks haoticaly

Especially before sleep. Replace snacks with water and make an official time to have a bite. For example, between lunch and dinner

4. Don't refuse fats

It gets us a huge amount of energy. Use good ones: seeds, nuts, fish, oils.

5. Drink enough water


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How To Refuse P2

How To Refuse P2

6. Don't forget about quality

You need to have enough dietary fibers

7. Check and control vitamins and minerals

Sometimes you body insist on sugar because of definite of chrome, zink, iron, vitamin d

8. Start from short challenge

21 day is enough for start. Just control yourself for this period and check for changes.

9. Love your meal

Make the view great and don't eat what you hate

10. Use spices

Cinnamon, garlic, oregano, curcuma, pepper helps to lower desire for sweets

11. Move more 🩱health


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I have insulin resistance and am trying to refuse sugar right now

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