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Retaining the Audience

It's important to keep readers on the site, so you need to help them stay and read/watch more. How?

  1. Push Notification
  2. Subscription form (regular, maximum 1 per week)
  3. Links and recommendations. Use them throughout the text and/or place them at the end.


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Get Traffic for Your Landing

Get leads from the text. You could create a marketing funnel:

  • Readers have a problem and start to search.
  • They find your article and see an ad banner inside it.
  • They click and follow the link to the landing page.
  • They take a positive action.

You could make banners relevant to your article or something different, but you need to be sure that your audience is the same. You can also include an online chat.


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Make a Link to Another Media

In the article, you could ask the reader to follow you on social media channels or even through email. It's a good idea to provide something useful for new followers, such as a checklist, discount, or coupon.

It's best to have the option to follow you on the same page as the article.


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Call To Action or Sales

If an article is closely related to the product, you can make a direct sale from the text. Just put the ad block right into the text, make it native, or highlight it - it doesn't matter in a business blog.

Passive sale. You can provide examples with your case studies, problem solving, and even reviews. Ask experts from your company to write a comment and highlight your deep involvement in solving customer problems.


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Get New Traffic

Some articles are written just for reposts and sharing. Write something shareable, get to your audience, and wait for it to spread to a new audience.

The best way is through selections or compilations. For big blogs, there is an option to make a selection of articles made by the company.


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Teach Your Clients

Help people to use your product. Answer their questions, solve a problem, and address any concerns they may have.

Think about how to best distribute this content, as it may not be easily searchable. Consider using metrics to measure the effectiveness of this content.


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Forming the Demand

You could explain to your reader why your product is necessary. Create a desire for the things you are selling.


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Enhance Advertising Strategy with Retargeting

Better reach your target audience by showing them ads for your product after they have visited your site.

Benefits of Retargeting:

  • Increased return on investment (ROI)
  • Better conversion rates
  • Increased brand awareness


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Some companies write for investors, partners, and employees. So, it's more like corporate PR than copywriting.


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