4 Tips for Writing an Effective Marketing Email - Heinz Marketing - Deepstash
4 Tips for Writing an Effective Marketing Email - Heinz Marketing

4 Tips for Writing an Effective Marketing Email - Heinz Marketing


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4 Tips for Writing an Effective Marketing Email - Heinz Marketing

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Create strong, yet concise subject lines

“First impressions are everything” is true for our emails. The subject line is the first thing prospects and customers see when they receive our emails. We have to do our best to stand out among a sea of attention-seekers.As a rule of thumb, according to MailChimp, subject lines should be no longer than 9 words and 60 characters.

Hot tip: If you want to go the extra mile and get some insight on how your subject line performs, consider running an A/B test.


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Open all emails with an “attention grabber”

While subject lines are extremely important, getting our audience to open our emails is only half the battle. Grab the attention in the first few sentences, or lose your reader. Fluffy sales and marketing jargon should be left off the table. Instead, we need to find a way to speak to the pain points the reader might be facing. After all, our product/service was created to help them solve those challenges, right?


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Make sure all CTAs are clearly marked

The worst thing that can happen is getting to the point where a prospect or customer wants to act on an email, but they can’t figure out how. Not only should we have multiple CTAs throughout our emails, but they should be clear as day. As a best practice, keep a CTA “button” that stands out in a different color from the rest of the email. It is also recommended to link a section of the text before and after the button and making sure the email banner leads to whatever landing page or destination we are trying to send them to as well.


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Don’t overdo it

There’s a very fine line between an email that reads well and contains all necessary information and an email that is just too long. Always assume that our audience is busy. Don't take a paragraph for something worth a sentence. Additionally, consider if you are sending several emails as a part of a series. For example, maybe we’re promoting a survey. The first email should be the longest, introducing the survey (why we’re conducting it, why we want their feedback, etc.). But the last email can be as simple as “Hey, we would love to hear your feedback”.


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We often say too much or too little in emails that convey something important. Save these tips to overcome the email writing fatigue, and craft marketing emails that convert readers into customers.