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Five ways to stay cool without blasting the AC

Five ways to stay cool without blasting the AC


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Five ways to stay cool without blasting the AC

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The Downside Of Using AC

Air conditioning is necessary, but too much of artificially cooled air drives up CFC gas emission, increases our power bills, makes power plants consume more fossil fuels, and makes us addicted to comfort.


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One of the most natural ways to get rid of our bodies of excessive heat is to have a good sweat.

Humidity becomes a spoilsport in this, and having dry air around your body helps in regularizing your body temperature.


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  • Hot air rises above, so an exhaust fan installed at the top edge of the room can push it out. This also regulates the humidity.
  • A cool breeze can be given way to drive out the stale, humid air of the room, making it comfortable without an air conditioner.
  • A large porch absorbs direct sunlight, ensuring rooms do not overheat.
  • Older houses had chimneys and cupolas that helped in air ventilation, something that can be considered.


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Curtains and shades can block off the direct sunlight, which can cause the greenhouse effect inside your house if there are too many glass doors and windows. Using solar screens and window tints also help certain radiations.

Houseplants, especially indoor plants that require less maintenance, are great for sponging up the humidity and also blocking a bit of sunlight.


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  • Moving air, or wind, is a great cooler for the homes, and placing electric fans on the windows, sucking the hot air out.
  • Ceiling fans that move counterclockwise also pull hot air away.
  • Fans can be strategically placed to ensure flow of air in the home.


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  • One can use dehumidifiers to draw water out of the air, getting rid of the humidity.
  • Avoiding appliances that produce heat also helps. Many appliances like the dishwashers, ovens, blow dryers and water heaters produce unnecessary heat.
  • Efficient, timed use of the air conditioners helps in reducing consumption. Ensure the windows are sealed and the cold air is not escaping in the basement or outside.
  • Make use of energy-saving, self-regulating AC units with smart thermostats.


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