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Confidence vs Arrogance: What Are the Differences?

Confidence vs Arrogance: What Are the Differences?


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Confidence vs Arrogance: What Are the Differences?

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Confidence vs Arrogance

  • Confidence is closely related to self-assurance. A confident person knows what she/he is capable of and they doesn't need any external validation.
  • Arrogance is closely related to selfishness. An arrogant person feels the need to brag and to exaggerate any achievement.


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  • Arrogant persons have an inflated and unrealistic sense of their importance and believe they know it all.
  • An arrogant person will argue black is white, to prove their point.
  • Arrogant people have zero interest in listening to others.
  • You don't need ask an arrogant person about themselves, because every discussion will revolve around them.


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  • Confidence brings people together; arrogance rejects people and is used as a means to demoralize others.
  • Truly confident people don't feel to need to compare themselves to others - they’re happy being on their own unique path; arrogant people feel the need to shine over everybody else, often to the detriment of others.
  • Leaders are almost always confident but bring humility and self-awareness to a team; arrogant people are usually oblivious to their negative traits and struggle to accept any form of constructive criticism.


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  • Back up your confidence with achievements.
  • Listen more than you talk.
  • Work on yourself.
  • Affirm your sense of self-worth, and write down what you have achieved. This way, you’re in a much better place to educate others and share your experiences.


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