How to be successful at online learning: 8 strategies and tips for learning online - Deepstash
How to be successful at online learning: 8 strategies and tips for learning online

How to be successful at online learning: 8 strategies and tips for learning online

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Having a study buddy

Find a friend to do it with you and commit to weekly study sessions.

Online learning is usually lonely and when you get stuck you are really stuck — having friends to work through problems together is critical.


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Start with just 1 class

Start with just 1 class

Although you're probably tempted to choose with more than 1, start with 1 class and finish it before moving on.

The first class is the hardest because you need to learn how to learn online and also learn the material.


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Establish a routine study schedule

Block out 2–3 hours Monday through Friday for classwork.

It’s not realistic to think that you can just put it off to the weekend because you may hit a block or be tired from working all week.


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Turn off your distractors

Turn off your distractors

Don’t check email. Don’t pick up your phone or text.

It’s so easy to spend an hour messaging or checking Instagram, so don’t even give yourself the opportunity to get distracted.


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Get a kitchen timer

Tell yourself you will focus on it for 15 mins.

 During the 15 mins, you’re so focused on working for 15 mins that you won’t get distracted; and after 15 mins you’ve made sufficient progress to be ‘in the zone.’ 


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Watch lectures at 1.5x speed

Watch lectures at 1.5x speed

... and pause/rewind during sections you don’t understand.

Because you don’t get to ask questions, it’s important that you train yourself to fully understand one section before moving on.


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Buy the book

Buy the book

A lot of times the lectures/handouts don’t explain something well. 

It’s best to get a book to get a second explanation because there are no teachers or course assistants to ask.


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Grade yourself on assignments faithfully

It’s easy to think that you shouldn’t have missed the dumb mistake, but often your process for problem solving can be dramatically improved.


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