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Admit you're confused

Admit you're confused

That’s the first step toward clarity: admitting we don’t have it.

It’s easy to deny when we’re directionless. We want to project confidence even when we don’t feel it. So it’s hard to admit we’re missing something. 


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Ask your advisors for input

Ask your advisors for input

When you start sharing your problem with your closest friends and colleagues, you'll receive invaluable insight about the direction you should go.

You'll receive both confirmation and pushback. But what emerges from this give-and-take will give provide you with a sense of clarity.


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Solicit your tribe’s feedback

Solicit your tribe’s feedback

... and then spend some time processing it.

Now that you have feedback from the sources that matter most, you need to reflect on it. Part of that process is to get alone, reflect, and journal.


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Just start

Just start

Once you have your direction, all that is left is to move toward it. This step is practically the most important. Clarity is composed of knowing and doing.

As we make progress toward the goal, the clarity will come.


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Michael Hyatt

"People don’t want to commit until they have clarity, but clarity comes with movement."



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