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The 5 Keys to Commitment in Relationships

The 5 Keys to Commitment in Relationships
Finding rhythm in a relationship is the biggest challenge for a couple. It's easy to fall in love, once you've found someone (Prior to the relationship, the finding someone is indeed the hardest part!). It's easy to say, "I love you," once you've shared some special moments with a boyfriend or girlfriend.


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On Commitment

On Commitment

Commitment begins with desire. Each person has to want it and be willing to sacrifice for the other. It takes shifting the way we view ourselves and giving up something, in order to give to someone else.

Commitment requires open communication channels and an “all-in” mentality by both people. You both must learn to meet in the middle, with dual commitment for the present and future. 




1. Positive Experiences

1. Positive Experiences

A great confidence and commitment builder in a relationship is a shared, positive experience with the person you love. Think of the identity of your relationship — how you and your partner perceive it to be.

Take the negative, funny things and turn them into positive experiences. And take the positive experiences and live through the memories and build toward new experiences.



2. Committing In Thoughts And Actions

2. Committing In Thoughts And Actions

There will be easy, seamless days, but there will also be conflict and struggle. Relationships take work. Value your time with your partner.

Go “all in” and think about what will make that person happy, ways to improve your relationship or to help ease their burden. Show with words and actions that you care. 



3. Eliminating Distractions And Temptations

3. Eliminating Distractions And Temptations

Vices, temptations, minor distractions — these are the things that tear relationships apart. Take those things out of the picture.

We’re all vulnerable to letting our minds and eyes wander. Excessive use of social media, intrusive friendships, flirty people, alcohol, emotionally charged occasions and tiredness can all contribute to putting us in a position where we’re weak.



4. A Willingness To Be Empathetic

4. A Willingness To Be Empathetic

Our own experiences always color our perception. But in a great relationship there is a willingness to understand your partner’s needs, wants and point of view. You put your ego aside and understand where they are coming from.

Part of commitment to your partner is satisfying a need for them. Be a great listener. Do something kind. Always express a genuine interest in understanding their point of view. With the body



5. What Matters Most

5. What Matters Most

It’s crucial for a relationship’s longevity to discuss what matters most to you personally and as a couple. There will be differences but it’s important to understand that personal time is as important as together time.

Focus on the things that matters most to each of you. Making sure your passions and enthusiasm get to come out is important to striking the accord of commitment.




A strong romantic relationship

Extraordinary couples are like everyone else. Except they make their love intentional.

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The three keys to passion

  • Intimacy: Emotional closeness, communication, feeling that no one knows you better or has your back more strongly than your mate.
  • Thrill: Excitement, attraction, adventure.
  • Sensuality: The entire spectrum from kissing goodnight to holding hands, from making tender love to raw passion.

    Set daily relationship intentions

    Most mornings, commit to spending five minutes with your partner. Think of a relationship intention, then share it. "Today, I intend to be careful with my tone of voice when I feel impatient."

    Commit spending two minutes at the end of the day reviewing your progress and ways to improve it.

    You have an eye on the exit

    You avoid anything that leads to a bigger commitment. You're always wondering: "if it goes wrong, how can I extricate myself easily from this relationship?

    Because comm...

    You gaslight your partner

    The aim of Gaslighting is to deny the other person's reality or experiences. It is a sign that you don't really believe your partners' feelings are real. 

    For example, if your partner says: "I'm really upset that you canceled our date", you respond with something like: "You're not really upset, it's your fault I canceled and you're just trying to blame me for it." 

    You are known as a "serial dater"

    You break up with partners on the slightest of issues, only to start dating another person right away and repeat the cycle. 

    You don't want to be seen as a "player" but you can't seem to find someone who you can commit to.

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    Beliefs About Change

    People can change if they want to.

    Remember that change can be scary, so it's important to be loving and supportive of your partner.

    Who's More Prone To Cheat

    Not all men are cheaters, and believing so can make you less trusting and more paranoid of your partner.

    If you want a solid bond, you have to trust your significant other and communicate if you have concerns about his fidelity.