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The 3 keys to passion

The 3 keys to passion
It's so easy to fall in love. Remember the excitement, the romance, and the lust? Sure, there were some challenges, but you were so happy. If you're like most long-term couples, the thrill has probably waned since then. Luckily, it's possible to reignite the passion - it just takes intention.


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A strong romantic relationship

Extraordinary couples are like everyone else. Except they make their love intentional.

In business, fitness, or even your hobby, you don't passively wait for things to get better. The same is true for your relationship. Don't take your partner for granted. Take action.


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The three keys to passion

  • Intimacy: Emotional closeness, communication, feeling that no one knows you better or has your back more strongly than your mate.
  • Thrill: Excitement, attraction, adventure.
  • Sensuality: The entire spectrum from kissing goodnight to holding hands, from making tender love to raw passion.

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    Set daily relationship intentions

    Most mornings, commit to spending five minutes with your partner. Think of a relationship intention, then share it. "Today, I intend to be careful with my tone of voice when I feel impatient."

    Commit spending two minutes at the end of the day reviewing your progress and ways to improve it.

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    Causing unintentional harm

    We all cause harm to our partner and the intimacy between us. We make mistakes that are foolish and unintentional and sometimes launch attacks on purpose.

    When you wound another, apologi...

    How to give an apology

    A good apology takes two people: the giver and the receiver. An apology that heals is based on kindness, generosity, and compassion. 

    The recipient accepts it with grace and, in turn, offers forgiveness. Without forgiveness, it cannot heal.

    The mindful apology in practice

    • Repair: An apology that rebuilds intimacy should have three parts: you need to own the mistake, and then you need to repair the damage. Lastly, you need to vow to improve.
    • Forgive:  If you have been hurt, you may never completely forget, but you can choose to forgive. To decide to forgive means that you don't relive something that belongs to the past.
    • Begin again: Unfinished business will accumulate. Let go of the small and the large wounds, so they don't pile up. 

    Rekindling the Fire

    Many couples have reached a cozy state of companionship. The humdrumness of life affects the long-term relationship.

    It is not uncommon to lose the 'fire' and is unrealistic to expect consis...

    Love Progression

    As the initial stage of love fades away, a deeper, richer sense of each other should take its place, and couples can find more ways to make things interesting and fun.

    Look With New Eyes

    Staying curious about each other and finding things, memories, places, and activities that are yet to be shared or experienced together is a great way to rekindle the relationship.
    Revisiting your past and finding ways to connect better by looking at the other with 'new' eyes makes us see many things that were overlooked earlier.

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    Pay attention and be present

    When your significant other is speaking, it is of the utmost importance to try your best to give your undivided attention.

    Too much multi-tasking when conversations are important can be damag...

    Be emotionally available

    It is important to be emotionally available to your significant other. Share your emotions, your thoughts and feelings with your partner and be willing to hear theirs. This creates a very strong emotional bond for both.

    Be supportive

    As partners, you should strive to be each other’s biggest cheerleaders. 

    We all need support and should be able to find it in our intimate relationships.