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Are You Working In Your Career or On Your Career?

Are You Working In Your Career or On Your Career?

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Feeling stuck in your career

Feeling stuck in your career

A lot of people complain that they feel stuck in their careers: they feel they're working hard, but they don't seem to move forward in life.

This feeling of being stuck has to do with a small distinction people rarely make when pursuing professional advancement: the difference between knowledge and meta-knowledge.


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Knowledge and Meta-Knowledge

Doing well in your career requires there factors:

  • Being capable of doing your work well. This requires knowledgeFor example, if you’re a lawyer, you need to have a rich knowledge of the law.
  • Meta-knowledge, or knowledge about how your career works. For example, knowing which skills matter and how to best demonstrate your talent in your particular industry.


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How to get Meta-Knowledge

The main route to meta-knowledge is by doing research. And it involves studying people, more than books or in a particular school.

But avoid simply asking people for advice. When you ask for advice, you’ll often get vague, unhelpful answers. Instead, you need to observe what the people that are successful in your field are doing.


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Don`t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.

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