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The Power of Storytelling

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The benefits of generosity

The benefits of generosity

Generous people report being happier, healthier, and more satisfied with life than those who don’t give.

Generosity produces within us the sense that we are shaping the world around us into a healthier one.


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Embrace gratitude

Make a list of the things in your life for which you are grateful.

Sometimes, the most important step you can take to become more generous is to consider what you already possess.


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Start really small

Give, even if you start with $1 to an online charity. It does not matter what amount you choose, jump right in with something small to help build momentum in your life towards generosity.


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Give first

The habit of spending all of our income are too deeply ingrained in our lives. 

To counteract that cycle, give first. You may be surprised how you won’t even miss it.


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Divert one specific expense

Divert one specific expense

For a set period of time, divert one specific expense to a charity of your choosing.

You may choose to ride your bike to work once/week or give up Starbucks. Calculate the money you’ll save and then redirect it to a specific charity/cause.


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Fund a cause based on your passions

Fund a cause based on your passions

Identify what passions already move you, find a committed organization around that cause, and then joyfully help them in their work.


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Find a person you believe in

You may be more easily motivated and shaped by the people in your life rather than organizations/causes.

Get involved alongside someone you admire.


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Spend time with people in need

Make space in your life for those who actually need your help.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to volunteer one meal at your local homeless shelter. Most homeless shelters readily accept volunteers and have systems in place to get you started.


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Spend time with a generous person

Start asking specific questions of a generous person.

Ask questions like: “Have you always been generous? How did it start? How do you decide where your money goes? What advice would you give someone who wants to get started?”. It might be life-changing.


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Live a more minimalist life

Intentionally decide to own less. It will provide the space necessary to make you a more generous person.

You’ll spend less money on things at the department store and have more time/energy to help others.


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