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A man can’t be anyone’s hero until he becomes his own hero first.

To become his own hero a man must be willing to plumb the depths and explore the aspects of his life that are most dear to him, his relationships with his wife, friends, children, and even coworkers.

When he’s accomplished this task, he is his own hero, and everyone else’s too. 


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Becoming a hero

In mythological fables, a man had to slay a dragon or a giant before he could marry the princess.

Today, instead of slaying a dragon, he has to slay his flawed notion of manhood. He has to prove his inner-hero courage by becoming a fully empowered, authentic, emotionally open and honest man, first with himself, and ultimately with everyone.


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Slaying the fear dragon

Men need to learn to be emotionally honest in relationships. When a man musters the courage to share his deepest truth, he creates a platform for his inner hero to develop.

A man who is his own hero doesn’t surrender to fear, and never allows fear to dictate his behavior. He stands up to his fear because he knows how to move beyond it. 


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How to miss the mark

A man who brags about his wealth or power misses being his own hero by a mile because inflating his own ego is the least manly or heroic act.


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Building character

To reveal your hero status, ask yourself:

  • Do I honor and respect my men friends, and keep their confidences?
  • Do I live in a manner that reflects my highest ideals?
  • Do I have the courage to be emotionally honest with women?
  • Do I love my children unconditionally and selflessly?
  • Do I respect and support my children’s choices?
  • Do I treat my employees or coworkers with a level of respect I want?
  • Do I volunteer in my community or reach out to help others?
  • Do I live in integrity with myself?


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