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Our heroes

When we have to comment on modern heroes, many talk about famous actors, TV personalities or athletes. When the question is changed to mention their own heroes, answers change to a parent or grandparent or an old friend or colleague.

It's as if we accept an empty, artificial model of heroism, but deep down our heroes are the people dear to us.


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True heroes

Heroes have the courage of their convictions. Heroes are all the people who take up their responsibilities and serve and encourage others.

  • A hero is the man who loses his job and identity, yet has the willpower to get back and start again until he makes it.
  • A hero is that single mother, widowed or divorced, who is driven by responsibility and who manages to go on, so she can provide a brighter future for her kids.


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Changing our model of heroism

A hero is no longer a mythical classification or a few legendary men or women.

Being a hero becomes a way of life. It is not about the occasional heroic act, but about daily dignity.


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Self love and fitting cup cakes in my mouth🍑

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