Three Practices to Shake Up Your Routine - Mindful - Deepstash
Three Practices to Shake Up Your Routine - Mindful

Three Practices to Shake Up Your Routine - Mindful

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See with new eyes

See with new eyes

Take a familiar object from your home and examine it as if you’ve never seen it before.

Is there something you’d forgotten or never noticed before, or is your experience or reaction altered by your interest?


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Notice how objects feel

Notice how objects feel

Take an object from your home and focus on its texture, touching it as if for the first time.  Notice how the experience feels right now, as you interact with it.
You could also work with an inner feeling, directing awareness to a part of your body, noticing what sensations are present.


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Hearing, smelling, and tasting anew

Hearing, smelling, and tasting anew

Take your attention in turn to three everyday objects in your environment that you can hear, smell, or taste (for example, the ticking of a clock, a flower, a piece of fruit). 

Let go of expectations, and instead allow your senses to lead you into the direct experience of hearing, smelling, or tasting itself.


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Stuck in old habits

Stuck in old habits

When life begins to feel repetitive, it's a sign you've gotten stuck in old habits.

When we get stuck on autopilot, we lose touch with actual experience—which can always be interesting if we bring our curiosity to it.


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Success is the sum of small efforts repeated every day.

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