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Simple Advice on How To Complete That Never Ending Task

Simple Advice on How To Complete That Never Ending Task
Faced with a mind numbing, insurmountable challenge, you stare at your screen, thinking of all the hours that are about to slip by you as you chip away at the never ending task you’ve been set.


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Tackling Difficult Tasks

Tackling Difficult Tasks

Faced with a mind-numbing, overwhelming destroyer-of-time task, you may have a feeling there is a better way. You just haven't found it yet.

Long-winded tasks are often accompanied by a long list of instructions or a lengthy in-person conversation. Use these to your advantage. Skip to the end to get an understanding of what you're aiming for, then see what is needed from the beginning to reach it.




How To Complete That Never-Ending Task

  • First, accept that you will not be the first person to face this problem. You just need to find the people who have already noted the ways you can solve it. Doing so will help you overcome the fear of the the blank page.
  • Then you need to persevere in your research strategy. Start by googling the most generic description of your overall task, then work your way down to the specifics.




Gestures: A Warning System

Gestures: A Warning System

Gestures act as an early warning system for intent, emotion, and mood. Our body language precedes the desire of our conscious minds. Our bodies know what we want before our conscious minds do.


How to Use Your Intuition

If you've had the experience of a strong intuition about a person, or déjà vu, or a sensation in your gut that things are not right, even though on the surface it seems fine, then you've heard your unconscious mind trying to tell you something.

Learn to regularly pay attention to your unconscious mind, not just in moments when something feels amiss. With practice, your ability to hear your unconscious quickly and accurately will improve.

Beginner's Luck

Beginner's Luck

Beginner's luck does not actually exist. Most of the time the beginner has a similar skill that aids them.

Or the novice could be new to the task, but have tried it before and failed r...

Anything Is Possible For The Beginner

To the beginner, anything Is possible. They are not blocked by experience and are willing to try out many possibilities and solve problems creatively.

The expert has narrowed down the possibilities and can become too comfortable with their own perspectives.

Experts Break Under Pressure

When you are good at something, you're under pressure to perform at your level.

A novice doesn't particularly care how they perform and doesn't feel any pressure to perform.

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There isn’t enough time

Complaining that you don’t have enough time is not getting to the root problem. It may be that you’re lousy at time management. Admit to yourself that there is enough time -- you just don’t know how t...

A one size fits all solution

Instead of relying on a tool with all the bells and whistles, find out where you’re struggling and what’s essential for you. 

For example, if scheduling is taking you away from product development, then you could use a scheduling tool that uses machine learning to automate most of your scheduling needs. If you’re wasting too much time on email, then consider using a tool to help tame your inbox.

Less anxiety

Time management is only useful when you’re aware of your limitations and don't let the system dictate your entire life. 

In other words, when you don’t tread lightly (especially at first), time management can add more stress to your life.