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Intentions vs Actions

Intentions vs Actions

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Intention vs Action

Intention vs Action

In a world of constant, propaganda, and deceit, what we do matters more than our intentions.

What we actually do tells people about us, not what we keep saying or what we intend to do.


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Good Intentions are not sufficient

Good Intentions are not sufficient

The physical world is interacting with our actions, not our internal plans and intentions. 

We cannot shape society, or help people just by having noble intentions, without action.


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Justifying Wrong Treatment

Justifying Wrong Treatment

We treat people in certain ways and then justify the same. You are judged by what you do, and not for the reasons you give.

If our treatment isn't right, no amount of justification will serve any purpose.


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Be with the Right People

Be with the Right People

It matters to be with the right people, instead of an excuse for keeping the company of the wrong people.


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Your Beliefs

Your Beliefs

Your own beliefs matter, not borrowed beliefs of what your parents or society taught you.

You have the option and even a responsibility to change the outdated or wrong beliefs that were thrust upon you.


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The Way You Love

The Way You Love

Love is based on action, not what you say.

Saying that you love someone is of no use if the corresponding care and treatment is not given to your loved ones.


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