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Why Rejection is Actually Good for You

Why Rejection is Actually Good for You

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When you feel rejected

When you feel rejected

At first, rejection interferes with your need to belong. You move through, not feeling good enough, not worthy, unlovable, confused.

Then you move to introspection, looking for the flaws within yourself that led to the failure.


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It’s not about you

Instead of gaining control, you subject yourself to the opinion of someone else. It turns you against yourself and away from the truth.

You were not rejected; the outcome you desired was. Be honest about the motives. You might be wanting the wrong thing.


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The pain is optional

The pain is optional

Rejection means that you are going down the wrong path. You need to turn around.

Life is about learning and growing, and understanding that something better is waiting for you. You don't have to embrace the pain of rejection.


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An invitation to a better life

Rejection invites you to change course. If you can let go of your idea of success, you have a chance to find something that's truly right for you.


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Rejection as a mentor

Rejection as a mentor

Nobody likes to feel rejected. When you are turned down, you can be overcome with the temptation to take it personally. It is an illusion to think you could change this outcome if only you performed better.

The employer that turned you down is not saying you are worthless, just that they want someone with different traits.


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Make rejection work for you

Make rejection work for you

Imagine a life where you use rejection to uncover better opportunities and more profound happiness.

Stop making rejection about you. Start looking outward for new possibilities. Make sure you are pursuing something that makes you happy. 


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