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Information Overload is a Fake Problem | Scott H Young

Information Overload is a Fake Problem | Scott H Young


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Information overload

We're drowning in information, yet the explosion of data hasn’t changed much about how we need to stay informed. 

The amount of original ideas worth learning is much smaller than the ever-increasing data. And most things aren’t worth reading.

Limited Good Ideas

If knowledge is growing exponentially, most of the ideas should have been discovered in the last few decades. Yet most ideas are old. The rate of genuinely good new ideas may be slowing down.

Quantum mechanics is over a hundred years old. DNA is forty years old....

The number of good ideas worth learning is still large enough that few can manage to understand more than the general outline of most ideas in their lifetimes. Yet, this was also true before the concept of information overload.

For every good idea, there are many different ways of...

Most people aren't genuinely interested in understanding and learning the essential ideas. They see information as entertainment, distraction or gossip.

If you are interested in understanding an idea, all the different perspectives are beneficial.

Ideas are important because of their frequency and utility. An Idea that keeps showing up and is being referenced when you're learning something else is worth learning on its own.

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