5 meta-skills to supercharge every aspect of your life - Deepstash
5 meta-skills to supercharge every aspect of your life

5 meta-skills to supercharge every aspect of your life

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Essential Meta-skills

Meta-skills are talents that permeate every area of life and guide your ability to improve other skills. The five meta-skills that are particularly important to remain competitive in the modern world:

  • Feeling
  • Seeing
  • Dreaming
  • Making
  • Learning


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Because the future of work lies in automation, social intelligence is going to be an indispensable skill.

Individuals with more empathy and other uniquely human gifts will be able to bring the most value. Interpersonal skills include intuition as this skill will enable you to save time and effort when developing solutions.


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While computers can work on addressing particular problems, they are not that good at seeing the big picture.

This meta-skill expresses the human ability to strategize.


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Innovation and creativity will always be in high demand, whereas linear work will be outsourced to machines.

While trying to innovate carries a risk of failure, without it, nothing is going to be improved. Settling for tried-and-true solutions also means settling for mediocrity.


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This meta-skill relates to design thinking where you create answers, not find answers.

While this skill overlaps with dreaming, the difference lies in the prototyping and testing of generated solutions.


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The days where a 4-year degree would set you up for life is passing. Constant learning is a fact of life. Learning how to learn enables you to improve every skill you have.

Learn the subjects that bring you joy. Regularly doing this will increase your hunger for learning about other topics that did not initially catch your interest.


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