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Effortless Stoicism - James Pierce

Effortless Stoicism - James Pierce

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The Way We Live

The Way We Live

We live our lives reactively, sitting on the endless roller-coaster of happiness and misery.

A non-reactive existence is possible if one first examines all the assumptions, the false notions that our lives are based on. These beliefs and notions can seem difficult to let go of as they have become a part of us.


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Effortless Stoicism

Effortless Stoicism comes to you when you no longer feel the need to control your emotions, when they no longer seem significant.

If we stop reacting to our emotions, then gradually we can develop the perspective to observe the causes of these emotions that we witness inside us. Shedding all illusions, we come to know that all misery and happiness are temporary, and therefore all reactions are unfounded and unjustified.


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Desire = Misery

The root cause of all misery is desire. Our wanting creates our pain.

When we start to ask nothing from the world, we can experience a true sense of freedom.


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