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When It's Good to Be Antisocial - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus

When It's Good to Be Antisocial - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus

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Anti-Social Bees

Most species of bees are found to be solitary workers, not socializing with other bees. Various other species of bees have hybrid features, with different populations behaving either solitary or socially. Some even change their behaviour based on the weather.

Anti-social behaviour of bees in nature leads to self-sufficiency in their 'work performance', and many opt out of the 'hive' as they need to grow faster than the others.


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Advantage Solo

In various scenarios, the solitary behaviour of the bees is advantageous and is tolerated by the other bees in the colony.
Solitary bees are also able to work as generalists, capable of handling different plant species. Going solo has its benefits in nature's game.


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