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Mind the (Skills) Gap

Mind the (Skills) Gap

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Cycle Of Obsolescence

  • Today's school and college education systems do not guarantee a life long career, as it gets obsolete in only five years.
  • Individuals must constantly update themselves, enhancing their skills to remain relevant in the workforce.
  • Companies face a skill and talent shortage that is likely to affect their profitability in the coming years. The society as a whole must likewise re-skill its working population to remain relevant globally.


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    Peer-to-Peer Learning

    Old-school learning techniques that involve huge investments of time and money are getting increasingly unfeasible.

    New ways to learn, using various online tools, allows people to upgrade and refresh their skills. There are peer-to-peer learning platforms where experts are teaching how to attain mastery at specific skill-sets.


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    Shorten the Learning Times

    Spending years in the classroom to learn a subject is keeping the individual unproductive.

    Shortening the educational time commitment, and providing more hands-on work experience can make mastering skills easier and provide the young workforce with tangible, real-world skill-sets like confidence, adaptability, computational thinking and a design mindset.


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    Develop Talent Ecosystems

    Developing your partners, suppliers, consultants, and contractors isn't instinctive to any company, who always considers only their full-time staff to be eligible for training.

    When planning for training and skill development, embrace the whole ecosystem.


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    The Unemployed Period

    Periods of unemployment and gaps in work are usually looked down upon by companies.

    These periods can be opportunities to gain new skills and refresh old ones. Unemployment benefits can include training and professional development, helping people who are out of job, adapt and get employed.


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